Thursday, October 12, 2006

a picture's worth a thousand words

This was 8:00 a.m. today, when it was 34 degrees out. It's melted now and the sun is out, but it's still quite chilly out there (the painter's wearing gloves and a hat.)

We're not ready for this. I'M not ready for this! Wasn't I just writing about people in swimming pools a couple of weeks ago...? I'm not ready to say goodbye to light jackets and shoes without socks. We have a Halloween party to go to in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping it will be mild enough (like last year) that we can sit outside around the firepit at the hosts' house. Sitting around it with big parkas on? Over our costumes? Not the same!

P.S. After I typed it I wondered about the origin of the phrase I used in my title. If you're curious, here's Wikipedia's take on it:

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jilly said...

It has snowed three times here this week as well. SO not ready for winter. I love fall, the brisk (60 degree days mind you)fall days and the smell of leaves! I had to take pictures too!