Thursday, October 05, 2006

mac & cheese

So, here's what happens when I boil water on the stove in the little cottage. Steamy windows! This was a serious case last night, as I had the Kraft original recipe going in one pot and some veggies steaming in another. Even my windows in the front room got a little cloudy. Nope, we don't have a fan in the kitchen, which is probably a violation of some code. I take it back, we do, but it's old and doesn't work and my husband had to stuff the vent pipe on the outside of the kitchen last winter so cold air wouldn't get in. But, we don't mind. I can always open the back door to let a little breeze in, or crack a window. Or, just enjoy it! Seriously, who needs a facial when you can get this kind of steam at home?

1 comment:

homedaisy said...

my daughter had the croup last weekend, sitting in your kitchen would have perfect for her bronchials :)